Infrastructure and Amenities

  • Infrastructure & Amenities

    1.  The layout of our school building is aesthetic.The class rooms and laboratories are well-ventilated.
    2.  The school is equipped with two sound-proof generators for power backup .
    3.  The school houses well- equipped, independent Science lab, Maths lab, Compute Lab and Social Science labs.
    4.  The school has a fully air-conditioned seminar hall with a state-of-the-art overhead projector and effective sound system and can  accommodate an audience of 150.
    5.  There are separate well-equipped play rooms for Pre-primary students.
    6.  The school has enrolled the services of a full time qualified nurse.The medical room is furnished with three beds and all the essential first-  aid facilities.
    7.  Rain water harvesting plant is installed in the school premises.
    8.  Fire safety, purified drinking water and clean toilets are available on all floors .
    9.  The school’s Basket Ball court has been made to international standards.
    10.  Three independent rooms have been dedicated to Dance, Instrumental Music and Vocal music respectively.
    11.  The school Library  houses 8000 books (approx.) and provides all relevant facilities to the teachers and students to facilitate and enhance  teaching – learning processes.

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