Classes I - III

  • The session comprises two terms (semesters).
    Semester-1: April to September
    Semester-2: October to March

    Each student will be assessed in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.

    Scholastic In this area, the ability of the child is assessed on the basis of all the curricular subjects including English, Hindi, Maths, EVS and Computer..

    Co-scholastic  :  For co-scholastic assessments, students’ life skills, co-curricular activities, attitudes, values and interests, visual and performing arts & G.K. are judged thoroughly.

    Scholastic Assessment:

    1. Each semester will have two Unit Tests per subject of 25 marks each. Each unit test would be conducted on Monday and the schedule for the same will be given later.
    2. Best of two Unit Tests per subject in a semester would be marked (graded) in the report card.
    3. Students will be assessed on the basis of subject activities, class tests (written and oral) and class observations.
    4. Subject Enrichment Activities- Each semester will have two Subject Enrichment Activities  per subject.

    Co- scholastic Assessment:

    1. Areas of co- scholastic assessment will include Work Education, General knowledge, Performing & Visual Arts and Physical Education.
    2. The students will also be assessed on their personal and social traits i.e. Courteousness, Confidence, Care of belongings, Neatness & Uniform, Regularity & Punctuality, Initiative, Sharing & Caring, Respect for others/ School property and Self-control.


    • If the school cancels a scheduled Unit Test due to unavoidable circumstances, it will be held on the next immediate working day.
    • In case of absence, no re-examination will be conducted.
    • If the child remains absent in both the Unit Tests in a semester, he / she will not be marked ‘absent’ in that column in the report card. He / She will be assessed on the basis of his/her class performance.
    • In a case of illness during an exam, the application along with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be submitted on the same day or by next day positively.

    Prolonged illness :

    Send the child after he/she is completely fit to attend the school along with medical fitness certificate from the same registered medical practitioner only. Fitness certificate is mandatory. Please note that your child’s health is our priority. Do not send your child to school if he/she is unwell/ unhealthy/ recovering / weak.



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