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              For SA-I (2016-2017)syllabus Click here                  

DATE SHEET FOR SA- I (2016-2017)
DATE 29.08.16 30.08.16 12.09.16 15.09.16 17.09.16 20.09.16 23.09.16 26.09.16 28.09.16
DAY Monday Tuesday Monday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Friday Monday Wednesday
IV ________ ________ Computer S.Sc. English Maths Hindi ________ Science
V ________ ________ Computer Science Hindi S.Sc. English ________ Maths
VI ________ ________ Computer Maths Hindi English Science S.Sc. Sanskrit
VII ________ ________ Computer S.Sc. English Maths Sanskrit Science Hindi
VIII ________ ________ Computer Science Sanskrit Maths Hindi S.Sc. English
IX Science Practical Maths        Practical F.IT Maths Hindi S.Sc. English ________ Science
X Maths        Practical Science Practical F.IT S.Sc. English Science Hindi ________ Maths
1. School timings on 29.08.16 (Monday) - 30.08.16 (Tuesday) - 7:25am to 01:45pm  
2. Regular school for classes IV - X till 09.09.16 (Friday). School timings-7:25am to 01:45pm
3. School timings from 12.09.16(Monday) - 28.09.16(Wednesday) - 7:25am to 11:00am  
    ( It is mandatory for every student to bring school almanac on 28.09.16 )
4. Preparatory leaves for classes IV- V and IX-X on 13.09.16, 14.09.16, 16.09.16, 19.09.16, 21.09.16, 
    22.09.16, 24.09.16, 26.09.16, 27.09.16 .
5. Preparatory leaves for classes VI-VIII on 13.09.16, 14.09.16, 16.09.16, 19.09.16, 21.09.16, 22.09.16, 
    24.09.16, 27.09.16 .
6. School will remain closed for the students of classes IV -X on 29.09.16 (Thursday) and 30.09.16 (Friday)
7. Next Semester will start from 03.10.2016 (Monday). School timings-7:25am to 01:45pm  
8. Incase a student fails to take exam on a particular day due to medical reason, he/she should send the medical certificate and an application on the same day and can later appear for that exam along with the students appearing for the improvement exam. The date sheet for the same is given below.
  DATE 29.09.16 30.09.16 01.10.16 03.10.16 04.10.16 05.10.16 12.10.16  
  DAY Thursday Friday Saturday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday  
  IV Computer S.Sc. English Maths Hindi Science ________  
  V Computer Science Hindi S.Sc. English Maths ________  
  VI Computer Maths Hindi English Science Sanskrit S.Sc.  
  VII Computer S.Sc. English Maths Sanskrit Hindi Science  
  VIII Computer Science Sanskrit Maths Hindi English S.Sc.  
  IX F.IT Maths Hindi S.Sc. English Science ________  
  X F.IT S.Sc. English Science Hindi Maths ________  
CLASS DATE  School Timings
IX A & B 20.08.16 7:30 09:00 a.m.
CLASS DATE  School Timings
IX A 06.09.16 7:25 1:45 p.m.
IX B 06.09.16 7:25 1:45 p.m.
Activity Calender
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  1 2 3 4 5 6
  Unit Test (IV-X) Project on Germination   (Pre Nr)                                                  General assembly (VIII-A)  Memory Day Theme-           My Country (Pre Nr)       Assembly (III-B) Oral Presentation (IV-X)  Oral Presentation (II-D) Class Teacher Period (IV-X)  OFF
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
 OFF IMITATION DAY Theme- My Country (Pre)          Unit Test (IV-X)                       Art Competition (I-III) Father & Child Project (ELOCUTION) - (Pre)      Assembly (X-A) General assembly (II-B) Finger Printing (I.D Activity) (Pre)                Oral Presentation (IV - X) Special assembly (I,II,III)   Assembly (Pre- K.G) Oral Presentation (I-A)              Flag Making (Nur)          Kite Making (K.G)  Independence Day                                Club meeting (IV-X)     Second Saturday
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
 OFF Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan Special Assembly (IV-X)     Timings 7:30-9:30 Rakhi card Making (Pre) Thali Decoration (K.G)        Rakhi making (Nur)     Rakshabandhan assembly (Pre-K.G)   assembly (II-B) Holiday Project -My Country (Pre)    Oral Presentation (I-B   Club Meeting (IV-X)  PTM (Pre Primary)     PTM (I-III)
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
 OFF Project- To know my school (Pre)                       Unit Test (IV-X)          Seminar on Art (II & III) Janamashtmi Activity (Pre)  Special Assembly on Janamashtmi (II-A) Mukut Decoration (Nur & K.G)  Aassembly (I-A)   Asembly on Janamashtmi (Pre-K.G) Holiday Oral Presentation (I-C)       Club Meeting (IV-X) PTM (Class IV-VI)
28 29 30 31      
 OFF Unit Test (VI-VIII) General assembly (VII-C) Colouring Activity (Pre)     General Assembly (I-C)      

For Holiday Assignment Click on the respective class of your ward

       Class I                                               Class II                                                 Class III                                                    Class IV

       Class V                                              Class VI                                                Class VII                                                   Class VIII

       Class IX                                             Class X

       For Unit Test Syllabus of Class IV-X Click here



* School closed form 06.05.2016 to 09.05.2016 due to strike


Session 2016- 2017

Classes I – X             -          04.04.2016 (Monday)      Timings :  7:25 a.m – 1:45 p.m

Class Pre Nursery    -   05.04.2016 (Tuesday)      

                                                                                       Timings from 05.04.2016 to 15.04.2016:

          9:00 a.m – 11:00 a.m

                        Timings from 18.04.2016 onwards:

           9:00 a.m – 12:00 noon

Class Nursery       -                     04.04.2016 (Monday)

                     Timings from 04.04.2016 to 08.04.2016:

      8:00 a.m – 11:00 a.m

                    Timings from 11.04.2016 onwards:

     8:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m

Class K.G        -                     04.04.2016 (Monday)

                                                                                  Timings from 04.04.2016

      8:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m







                                                                            St. Albans School                                                     Dated :07.04.2014   

Sector – 15, Faridabad

(for Classes Pre Nursery – X)


Dear Parents


On behalf of the St. Albans School, I congratulate you and your ward for a successful transition into the new academic session, 2014 – 2015.


Our beloved Gautam Sir went into Light on January 17, 2014.  His passing away has left a huge vacuum in our hearts.  Gautam Sir’s wisdom and experience, as a teacher and a mentor  not only to students but also for the teachers and parents and his vision of how children should be taught and  how a school should be are the guiding   light we choose to imbibe in our lives and in taking the school forward.


This year, the focus will be on the holistic nurturing and mentoring of our students.  Our teachers spend a lot of quality time reviewing and revising teaching-learning processes and are committed to bringing out the best in all our students.  We have streamlined a lot of our processes and procedures for optimum efficiency.


We feel that a sincere set of initiatives from you and your ward will lay a strong foundation for effective performance in each aspect of student life and will generate confidence in your ward.


Please discuss / interact with your ward keeping in mind, the following points :


-            Discuss the result with your ward and motivate him / her to target for himself / herself to make the best use of time by revising the work done in all the subjects at school. 

-            He / she should make sure that his / her homework and classwork in all the subjects is complete and upto date.

-            His / her work schedule should be discussed daily, without fail.

-            Do not indulge your child by letting him / her use expensive gadgets, scooters, cars etc.


Please remember that a disciplined child at home will be a disciplined child at school.


Discipline is one of the most important values we strive to inculcate in all our students.  We expect all our parents and students to honour and follow the school rules and policies.


Please  note that the school does not tolerate  indiscipline and takes strict disciplinary action against any student violating any school rule or policy, especially  in the following scenarios:


-            If a mobile/  any undesirable article like magazine, CD, slam book etc is found in his / her possession, while in the school.

-            On breaking the  decorum / discipline or code of conduct of the school.

-            Damages school property.

-            Uses abusive language with co-students or teachers

-            Maintains improper hairstyle and does not wear proper uniform  (low waist trousers are not allowed)

-            If  a student calls unwanted elements outside the school gate on any account.

-            If he /she is found involved in physical / verbal / cyber bullying.

-            Movement within the school without informing the concerned teacher.


Note : Kindly note that on account of enhanced safety and security measures, only family members are

allowed to enter the school premises and meet the concerned authorities.


Your co-operation in helping your ward will encourage us to do better.  A strong link between the home and school always works wonders. Let us commit to this partnership open heartedly.



Best wishes



Monika Yadav



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